Playing Chess regularly improves learning, thinking, analytical power, and decision-making ability of kids. GoBambino offers classes through many chess providers.

Chess Lessons with National Master Evan Rabin or one of Premier Chess’s top-level instructors. Go over opening principles, middle game themes, endgames and tournament preparation. Lessons will be fully customized to student’s needs and interests.

Upper West Side
Ages: 4 years +

GM Dlugy decided to offer this method of instruction to all young players who have the dedication and desire to study chess. This program seeks to complement any other chess study the child undertakes by putting them into a competitive setting where the desire to show your best will be cultivated.

Upper East Side
Ages: 3 – 14 years

Chess NYC has established itself as a leader in chess excellence and education. The Chess NYC philosophy is to emphasize the sport and fun of chess, providing engaging, accelerated instruction followed by supervised, spirited play. Each student associates chess with fun, and, therefore, larger numbers of them ultimately excel or at least become proficient in the great, significant game of chess. And from there—excellence! From absolute beginners to championship programs and everything in between, Chess NYC boasts some of the very best tailored programs for everyone.

Greenwich Village, Lower Eest Side,Williamsburg
Ages: 4 years +