For the weekend my husband and I took an amazing weekend trip out east. Our friends were there sharing a month-long rental as two couples, both with 1-year-olds. With my own baby on the way, it was nice to see and get tips from the moms at the house and to see their babies in a different environment other than Manhattan.
Truth was, even though they were “vacationing” for the month the schedule was the same and it made leaving the house tough. Naps had to be every couple of hours in their cribs and fed at the table at a certain time so leaving the house was close to impossible. The beach could only happen after lunch in a 3-hour window and dinner only after they were sleeping and a babysitter would come at 8.
Before having little ones going to dinner at 8 pm was great, but now having kids it’s exhausting to be going out so late to be up so early. Something has to give to have that balance where both the parent and child are at ease and enjoying the little time they’ve set aside. I have no judgment of course, but being an aunt, expecting mom and all my friends having little ones… is it the parent or the baby that dictates the routine?
When I was little and on vacation somewhere when it was nap time I went in a stroller, car seat or on a blanket and babysitters came when I was awake so my parents weren’t going for dinner at 9 pm after being up with me from 7 am.
As a soon to be parent,  I am constantly looking and taking notes. While I think the sleeping and eating schedule is very important, by the time they’re 1 isn’t it okay to sleep outside the crib and have someone else put you to bed?
Summer is so short, you pay to have a house to relax in, enjoy the beach and everything else the Hamptons has to offer. It seems nuts to be in the house all day just to keep the routine going and not enjoy all the activities of summer. There are so many things to do with the little ones to enjoy so why not take advantage for the month you’re there.
Nonetheless, all I want to say of course is, do what works for you. Never forget transitioning to something different is harder for us than to have the child be more adaptable to different things. Personally, I think it is so important in life to enjoy the paradise a little more since the summer is so limited. Our parent’s generation was definitely more flexible and less anxious and we all turned out okay. Right? 🙂