Connection To Creative Activities For Kids strives to provide one-of-a-kind youth programs that combine reading and art-based activities. They believe that every child should learn how to read, and comprehend what they have read, at their grade level or higher. Through the magic of every tale told through imagination, they inspire children to read more and spark reading comprehension.


Tell us a bit about your company:

Connection To Creativity is all about inspiring kids to read through creativity initiatives. We are Creatively Bringing Back The Fun In Reading!

Tell us about your team (background, past experience):

Creative Activities For Kids

Connection To Creativity started 4 years ago. It started out of a need of trying to inspire my son, Aliko, to read more. Connection To Creativity has done some tremendous impact in the community. We have featured authors like Pinkalicious and Fancy Nancy Angelina Ballerina just to name a couple. Our Reading Squad is a ball of fun and ready to entertain children through a book.

Why did you start Connection To Creativity?

I started it by doing a cupcake party featuring Dr. Seuss books.

What do kids learn in your classes and what are the benefits of it?

The magic of a book. A book is a journey map that leads you to different destinations and kids are able to explore that through our activities. The benefit is that kids will be inspired to learn how to read and ultimately, read more.

What is the one lesson you want kids to take away from your classes?

That a book can be a big ton a fun!Creative Activities For Kids

Do you have any fun stories about your classes?

We just did our Bunny Tales at Good Day Play Cafe and we had 3 years old kids who normally don’t sit, whose eyes were glued to our mime performer through the Easter tales. They even got up to act it out with her.

What do you like the most about working with children?

To see the joy of exploring a book. I love the “wow” and the “I can do that.”

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