CinemaKidz will be turning kids into stars this summer! Campers here will gain relevant experience with media and technology as they make their way towards becoming a filmmaker, animator, and/or movie star! The leaders here encourage the kids to express themselves and be collaborative when making their own piece. These are all reason why we at GoBambino are excited to have them as our featured provider and dwell further into the minds of those behind Cinemakidz.


Tell us a bit about your company:

Cinemakidz is a Brooklyn-based youth arts STEAM educational program, offering children ages 5 -15 the opportunity to explore the world of movie-making in an engaging and interdisciplinary manner.  We offer after school classes, birthday parties, summer and vacation camps, weekend workshops and free events throughout the city.  Filmmaking is such an amazing all-encompassing process.  Children who take our classes often realize passions they never knew existed.  We work closely with every student to help them discover what they love about filmmaking.  We see movie making as a means to explore the world around us in a hands-on exciting way.  Our classes are interdisciplinary in their design; several include building, robotics, historical research and critical thinking skills, writing, art, engineering, and more.

Tell us about your team (background, past experience):

Ingrid Aravena (Founder & President) is a born-and-raised Brooklynite who loves filmmaking, making things with her hands, and most of all teaching children. After attending Bronx H.S. of Science, she went on to major in Film and Sociology at Wesleyan University and graduated with high honors for her thesis film. Ingrid has spent over 10 years directing well-known NYC camps and planning programming with schools and families.  From directing hands-on woodworking S.T.E.A.M. programs to organizing day camps for girls throughout the city, Ingrid has worked with and planned engaging activities for kids of all ages. She is passionate about empowering children through inquiry-based learning.

Why did you start CinemaKidz?

We see film as a means to explore the world around us. The program focuses on kid-made projects from start to finish. Kids learn by exploring and having fun. CinemaKidz has developed a deep understanding of child cognitive development and the important role creativity plays in building self-confidence and critical thinking. The program is designed to engage children in ways that complement and enhance traditional education.

What do kids learn and what are the benefits of taking your classes?

The Cinemakidz program is a hands-on maker experience designed to provide children the opportunity to explore the art of film and animation. A day with us opens up opportunities to build, create, act, design props, explore storytelling, utilize technology, and most importantly express oneself creatively.

Included in our program are the basic tenants of STEM: planning, exploring options, making repairs, and finishing your work, all while fostering self-reliance, problem-solving, confidence and creativity.

Children learn to express themselves creatively, collaborate and listen to others, lead a team, gain a better understanding of technology, and build vital soft skills.

What is the one lesson you want kids to take away from your classes?

To be confident in expressing thoughts and ideas, learn from your mistakes, and keep on building and fine-tuning skills.  You can do anything you put your mind to.

What do you like most about working with children?

Everything.  Children have such a refreshing, carefree perspective of the world, and large imaginations.  Their desire to make amazing and fantastical tails challenges me and my team to stretch the limits of film and animation.  Even as professional filmmakers, working with kids teaches us a great deal about how to experiment with the medium and have FUN.

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