Thinking of fun kids activities for your little ones? A fun way to learn about numbers, letters or shapes perhaps? Try booking classes with the Pineapple Explorers Club using GoBambino!

We recently caught up with the founder, Lacey. Here is what she had to say.

What is The Pineapple Explorers Club all about? 

Lacey Madden – Founder, Lead Instructor

Lacey: It is not your typical music class — it’s an award-winning in-home musical adventure! You name the time and place; we pick the playlist. Our lessons take you and your little ones around the world and through time rocking to your favorite tunes. And don’t worry — you won’t hear “Wheels on the Bus” from us. We play the classics, from Bruce to Britney, and it’s never too soon to teach your little ones to love them too!

That sounds great! Can you tell us more about you and your team?

L: I grew up in Westchester and studied musical theatre at Emerson College in Boston before graduating from the New York Film Academy with a degree in acting for film. I’ve been a music teacher in Manhattan for four years and performed in numerous children’s theatre productions throughout the world, including The Magic Tree House, The Jungle Book and Ella the Elephant. Teal and I are the lead instructors. She also teaches Spanish Immersion classes. Other members of our team are Kaitlin, who also leads our business development, Morgan, Katy, Olivia, Kyle, and Laura.

What motivated you to start The Pineapple Explorers Club?

L: I have been working with children, parents, and caregivers for over 10 years and found many classes to be performance-based. I wanted to provide an interactive option that focuses on learning and exploring. Our lessons use repetition and song to educate our kiddies on numbers, letters, shapes, and simple musical terms while our playlists are geared towards the parents and caregivers in the room.

What do you love about working with children?

L: I get to see a lot of firsts – first class, first crawl, first walk and first words. To see the expression on our parents’ and caregivers’ faces makes it all worthwhile.

It’s indeed worthwhile! Can you share with us any fun stories about kids enjoying your classes?

L: Of course! Kaitlin shared a fun story to me about some of her students one time. She was like “One of my students is convinced I’m Anna from Frozen ‘in real life,’ must be my auburn hair and freckles. It’s been a year and she still calls me Anna. I’m starting to have an identity crisis… I also had this conversation with another student after class…


Me: I heard you have a birthday this week! How old are you gonna be?!

Student: Five...*cracks a smile*

Me: Wow...How exciting! You’re almost a big girl like me!

Student: You’re not a big girl Miss’re a teacher. *stares at me like I’m 1,000 yrs old*”

That’s so cute!

What is the benefit of learning about music, and participating in a musical adventure and pineapple performance?

L: Music makes learning fun! Our lessons use music to facilitate learning. Whether it be following direction, calling out animal sounds, counting bubbles, cleaning up or singing our musical flashcards, we use music.

Lastly, can you share with us any great reviews you’ve had?

L: Sure! This is a Facebook review by Gregory: “Safe, Fun, Educational, Community building. The Pineapple Explorers Club is located at a perfect access point, that it is made available to a wide and diverse cross-section of the Down State population. Children are able to identify with their peer group, in a welcoming environment.”

Thank you so much for your time, Lacey!

So, there you have it, moms and dads! The next time you are wondering what to do around the city with your little one, try the Pineapple Explorers Club on GoBambino!  We are sure your kids will have a fun learning experience with music!

Good for Ages: 3 months to 3 years