FunFit is a unique interactive multi-sport program for children designed to help them develop physically and mentally. What pointed our attention towards FunFit was their focus to challenge children and help them grow with confidence and better self-esteem! We’ve contacted one of the founders to tell us more about themselves and the programs they have to offer. we offers Physical Activities For Kids.

Tell us a bit about your company:

Physical Activities For Kids

FunFit Kids is a fun and interactive multi-sports program for ages 3 months – 7 years and its main purpose is to help children develop physically, socially and cognitively. FunFit is structured to be age appropriate, encourages participation and focuses on progressive learning through what we call the 3 R’s; Refine, Rehearse and Repeat. We put an emphasis on the child’s individual needs and interests while engaging them in a variety of movement experiences, through play, drills, and games.

The FunFit gym is 3,000 square feet of open space with matted floors and walls. FunFit currently offers an array of programs that include GoFit Baby, Multi-Sport, after school and open play, as well as birthday parties.”

Tell us about your team (background, past experiences, etc.):

Danny and Robyn created FunFit with the help of professionals in the field of kinesiology (the study of human movement (yes, we had to look that up)), nutrition and early child development. Previous to this endeavor, Danny led experiential learning and after-school programs for many NYC based community centers and schools for over 6 years. Based on his experience, he saw an immediate need for a more comprehensive fundamental sports and confidence building program for kids.

Physical Activities For Kids

How did FunFit start?

Danny worked with several uptown youth programs & schools and developed a positive reputation for coaching young athletes. With his experience & following, Danny partnered with his wife, Robyn, and decided to open a physical location for his program on the Upper West Side. FunFit Kids officially opened its doors in September 2018.

What do you like most about working with children?

The best part about working with children is the look on their face after they learn a new skill. They are at first hesitant and sometimes scared to try. Observing the confidence being developed right there and then is priceless.


What do kids learn in your classes and what are the benefits of it?

At FunFit we teach children the fundamentals of gross motor-function, sports skills, healthy-living, sportsmanship, and teamwork. However, the most important benefit we offer is that children gain confidence and self-esteem. Participants are progressively challenged as the program evolves, acquiring the skills necessary to become well-rounded athletes. This program will ensure that our little athletes will have the proper fundamental tools to play a variety of sports, gain confidence and maintain an active lifestyle.

What are some offline resources parents can use to learn more?

The best thing parents can do is come by our location to learn more about our program, talk to Coach Danny and check out the space and pick up a brochure.

What is the one lesson you want kids to take away from your classes?

The one lesson we have at FunFit is that we do not say “I can’t” we say “I’ll try and keep trying!”

Any great reviews you’d like to share?

We hosted our son’s 3rd birthday with his cousins at FunFit, and everyone had an awesome time! The space couldn’t be more awesome for a crew of energetic children, and Robyn and Danny are responsive, supportive leaders. Thank you! – Eliza (Google Review)

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