Dana Serikov

Chief Entertainment Officer

I founded GoBambino soon after becoming a mother while I was struggling to easily find and book fun activities for my daughter. Currently some of her favorites are yoga and kinder dance! When I’m not working on GoBambino, I’m playing and exploring the city with the family. As a kid, I loved gymnastics and swimming. Together with the entire GoBambino Family, we are excited to bring this service to parents everywhere.

Aparna Venkataraman

Chief Merriment Officer

 As a child my parents sent me to all sorts of classes dance, music, art, cooking: you name it. I found my ideas, my drive and future self from the people I interacted with and the new things I learned in school and in all those outside experiences. GoBambino can help bring these opportunities to parents and kids everywhere. Outside of work, I am a travel enthusiast, an environ”mental” ist & a vegetarian foodie. Always in pursuit of new experiences and that elusive enlightenment.

Mike Prischepa

iOS Developer

Hey there! I’m Mike! I am thankful to my parents for sending me to extracurricular activities – math and programming as it gave me the push to succeed. Now as a parent – my older daughter is engaged in music, computer graphics and English, the younger – swimming, math and robotics.

Constantin Naumov

Full Stack Developer

As a father of two girls, I believe in the importance of keeping kids busy with activities. It is so important for children to engage in a variety of activities as they are instrumental to their development. I love being a father and enjoy spending time with my family. Knowing that we are building a tool to help parents spend more time with family and less time looking for activities makes my job more fun..

Eugene Dmitriev 

Android Developer

I love coding and have done so since I was a kid when I participated in a handful of STEM contests. When I am not building engineering teams and Android apps I can be found salsa dancing with my friends.