Last Saturday my nephew’s father drove him into the city from LI and we spent the HOT summer day together till the following morning. Being an Aunt is the absolute best. You get to be the one to give them lots of sugar and have them stay up late without their parents telling you how much it will interfere with the day and then hand them back.

My nephews and I are all very close and I try to get them to sleep over in the city a couple of times a year to have them experience it and get some quality time with them. Because one is already at sleep-away camp… I Always make sure his brother comes in during the summer to have our time and make it fun!penguins

What to do on a hot summer day in the city?
Well, Our day started at the Central Park Zoo around 10:30 am. Let me give you a visual. It is summer in NYC. It was about 91 degrees with high humidity. I am 7 months pregnant and my nephew is 6. Needless to say, it was a little aggressive. We both were very happy to go, but mostly all the animals were sleeping and couldn’t be found. We only got to really see and enjoy the Penguins who live In AC and the sea lions who live in water. After roaming around for about 45 minutes we made it to a 10 minute Ice Age movie that happened to be GREAT, but not long enough and then off we went back to the apt. We wanted to go to the Petting Zoo and stay for the sea lion feeding, but the little one was whining and I was too!


Now, my nephew lets name him Max… doesn’t like wind, humidity or walking, so our options were very limited. We had Ice cream and pizza at home and then

Hoops at the arcade

watched a lot of TV. However, now it’s only 3 pm. We can’t stay in this apartment forever as we both started to get cabin fever. After much debate, we headed down to the playground and then the bowling alley up the street. The minute we reached the bowling alley he didn’t want to bowl anymore, but low and behold there were games he was very happy with. Then he wanted French Fries… ordered the fries, but they came out seasoned which he was unhappy with and went on strike so I ate them. Fast forward to 5:45 and he’s ready for dinner. What does the aunt get him for dinner when ice cream, french fries, and pizza have already been consumed you ask? PANCAKES !

About 2 hours or so later off to bed. We laid in bed snuggling and talking about our day. He had a great time and I was just trying to make him happy all day. The next morning we got up and I drove him back to Long Island.

As I drove home, I’m thinking to myself how am I going to do this? Every second of everyday I’m going to have to keep my baby happy and at the same time thinking this is going to be impossible and I can’t give him back!

Are there any other soon to be new moms out there who are thinking the same thing?

As for being an Aunt.. make sure you plan alone time so you have a bond with from when their young. Remember to record shows they like ready to go and watch on your tv and ALWAYS have sugar around especially Ice Cream!