1. It is easy, convenient and seamless.

You can browse all the available activities with ease and filter by neighborhood, age, day, location etc. You don’t even have to log in until you are ready to book an activity. You can book instantly through the app. Your payment is secure and the booking is confirmed!

2. No Subscription Fees

You only pay for the activities you book when you book them. No need to worry about buying extra credits or expiring credits or rollover credits. No surprise charges!

3. Wonderful Variety

We have 1000+ activities to choose from and try out with your kids. Sports, Music, Dance, Arts &Crafts like Soccer, Tennis, Ballet, Piano, Cooking etc. You can choose Drop-in classes, Semester classes, and Camps.

4. You are helping the community!

When you book activities with us we charge a $1 for booking which goes towards #GoBambinoGives. We partner with local charitable organizations to help local families and children by donating part of our proceeds to organizations that cater to those communities. By booking through GoBambino – you are helping too!


We are here to help.

Reach out to us at letsplay@gobambino.com if you have any questions!